The Johns Hopkins University Academic Catalogue serves to detail the university, school, department, and academic program policies and procedures in place as of June, 2024.

The Office of the University Registrar (OUR) collaborates with university partners and divisional leaders to publish the Academic Catalogue. Current and prospective students are invited to review information about the many academic opportunities occurring across our nine academic divisions.

Academic Catalogue 2024-2025


Johns Hopkins University publishes the Academic Catalogue annually in July.  The Academic Catalogue may be updated at other times throughout the year as appropriate. In the event that updates are made to the Academic Catalogue, JHU will post changes in the addendum section.  

Catalogue Amendments


Prior to the 2020-2021 academic year, each division at JHU published their own catalogue. The archives here include previous versions of these catalogues under their division heading. 

Catalogue Archives